The group of ugly monster which pounces
on beautiful twins' Princess!

"full-voice" edition of Claire legend of glory
Claire legend of glory Chapter 1 "Spirit Off"

Monsters abducted women in the royal family of the Hearn DukedomG
the royal princess, princesses and daughters.


Claire legend of glory Chapter 4 "Catastrophe"

It can see two Rapstorre of twin sisters.
- In this vol. 4, Captured heroine Claire is violated by monsters so hard. It also contains a side story of the another heroine Claris. Animation scenes are featured in many parts of the contents.

The princess Clair is taught the mystery of my power by younger brother Muren of Gamia.

The princess Clair hangs to oaks' hands and is deprived of the virgin by obscene of Murren, too.
Princess Clair on whom magic that returns to virgin no matter how it is violated by magic of Muren has been bet
Become a wife in Murren to disenchant.

The princess Clarice caught by the prison gets the rape done by oaks who appear one after another.

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Claire legend of glory Chapter 1
Claire legend of glory Chapter 2
Claire legend of glory Chapter 3
Claire legend of glory Chapter 4

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