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Claire legend of glory Chapter 3 "Surrender"

The thing which Princess Clair who trespassed upon the cave of a monster saw.
And the Hearn castle destroyed by the attack of a monster.

The desire of a monster approaches Empress Dowager HIRUDEGARUDO.
Rape! . The subordinate of a monster be impregnated by the purpose. And pleasure.
What Princess Clair trespassed upon is the place of insult of women.
The monster has raped the woman. Princess younger sister FURERU's pinch.
Although it was Princess Clair who helped Princess FURERU, it was caught by younger brother MYUREN of GAMIA. And Princess Clair also fell to the hand of a monster.

Princess Clair is also arrested at last!
My dick was seen and it was frightenedI
It is the small hipsI
Princess Clair fainted away to the sexual responsibility of an ocrk.

The left-behind women are raped by the monster.
Empress Dowager HIRUDEGARUDO was not an exception, either.
The ugly monster turned over the Empress Dowager's skirt.

Charming lingerie invites the desire of a monster.
But, the purpose of GAMIA was the Empress Dowager.
HIRUDEGARUDO is taken from an oark.
GAMIA tended to achieve the dissatisfaction which was not able to rape royal princess Claris by committing Empress Dowager HIRUDEGARUDO.
And the Empress Dowager was more charming flesh than royal princess Claris.
Royal princess Claris whose Empress Dowager HIRUDEGARUDO is a daughter having been raped by the oak, and having lost purity is told.
Desperate resistance of HIRUDEGARUDO is also empty.
It is made to remove all charming lingeries.
The Empress Dowager's man's virtue was taken at last.

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