The group of ugly monster which pounces
on beautiful twins' Princess!

"Clair Legend of Glory"is a novel with graphics of a heroicfantasy.
Shinkouji Miyabi which is a Japanese novelist wrote the tale.
And Isaka Ai which is a Japanese amateur comics artist drew graphics.
The outline of this tale is as follows.
The cruel monsters army corps tried to cause war, in order to conquer the world.
They got to know that the monochrome called "force" was required, in order to attain ambition.
They thought that it would be discovered and taken.
The twins princess of a certain small country had the "force" which monsters are looking for.
The monsters tended to kidnap the twins princess, in order to get a "force."
One of twins princesses is a name of Princess Clair.
She has to fight with a monsters using a "force" regardless of her will.
Many sexual and erotic expression is included in this tale.
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New sale Claire legend of glory Chapter 1 (English-translated version)

Reg Date Nov/07/2007
:: Contents This is an html-based English version of Claire legend of glory Chapter 1, with no voices included.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy the elaborated storyline in English.

In this vol. 1, the princesses is violated by the monster Ark. The Claris' violation scenes, not contained
in the novel version, becomes so fetish and sophisticated here, along with verbal abuse.

Enjoy Ohimesama Club's genuine original work which cannot be followed by other major circles' works.
This is a special version, made for your long-time favor for the last few years.

(Text was translated in English language)
The translation was done by the circle themselves.

New sale Claire legend of glory SPECIAL

:: Reg Date 2007-08-15
:: Contents Ohimesama Club's most popular titles, Claire legend of glory volumes 1-4 have been bundled into a single package.
* Includes bonus images of 1000 pixels on a side.
* An extreme digital novel featuring princesses who are sexually abused by orcs and monsters.
* Part of the erotic scenes are looping animations.
* Meets Ohimesama Club's standards for underwear.

* Fully voiced.
* Voices available as WAV.

CV: Nakahara Alice
@@ Azuma Karin


Claire legend of glory Chapter 1 "Spirit Off"
Claire legend of glory Chapter 2 "Chastity of Princess Claris is riven"
Claire legend of glory Chapter 3 "Surrender"
Claire legend of glory Chapter 4

Twins' Princess and Here Family

Princess Clair
She is one of the twins princesses of the Hearn dukedom.
She inherited the wonderful power called "Force" from mother.
She can fight with a monsters by using The "Force".
A Royal Princess Clarice
She is one more of the twins princesses of the Hearn dukedom.
She inherited beauty and cleanliness from the mother.
However, she cannot use The "Force".

Duchess Hildegarde
She is a princess of a north small country, and married the Hearn duke.
Those who can use The "Force" are mostly born from her family line.
Other princesses

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